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Actionable Steps to Help Your Dating Success

Simple Steps to Help Your Dating Success

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With the endless online dating advice out there, it can be confusing for today’s singles to steer smoothly through this crazy traffic-filled world of modern dating. So, how do we navigate through all this information and media buzz to figure out what truly works? Well, you can forget about all the rumors and games that you’ve heard. If you want real lasting results, there’s 5 simple things you need to know.

In truth,  there’s no quick fix or magic ebook when it comes to successful dating. Yet, there are some simple rules you can take toward personal self improvement. This initiative is 100% guaranteed to lift your dating life (tried and tested with thousands of people world wide) if embraced with an open heart and full commitment. By following these rules, you will have the ability of attracting the quality people you really want and need in your life and to ultimately find your future Prince or Princess!

Here are the 5 steps to dating success.  

1.Inner game 

Always be the best person you can possibly be!

This step is the most important. Having a strong inner game means knowing who you are and how to steer the wheel in your own life. People who are the most successful at inviting meaningful connections into their lives are the ones who stay positive and emit a good energy. So, without a strong handle on things such as your emotions, your ego and your overall frame of mind, you can invite all sorts of troubles.

For example, if you constantly stress over past events or the possibility of future problems, you will inevitably hold yourself back from being happy. You will also hinder your personal growing process in the dating game. This is why it’s important to maintain a rock-solid ego and never let minor setbacks or irrational anxieties prevent you from getting what you want. There is no room for self-loathing or uncertainly in the dating game; you must always focus on the positive to preserve a healthy mindset at all times.

This is the deep stuff every person needs to work on because it’s the most important. We all know that re-wiring your brain and changing is never easy, but the pay-off is truly amazing and can benefit you in literally every part of your life! The most desirable people, both male and female, have the strongest inner game and are very certain about who they are and what they want!

You can also think about it this way: If the measure of your life was the total sum of all your life’s choices, what would you add up to?

This is why improving your love life comes from within. When you can exhibit moxie and smoothness, you will be able charm those around you, inviting more promising opportunities for love. 


First impressions fade, but style makes an impression that lasts forever. This guide can be broken down into four categories. Grooming, Clothes, Accessories and Apartment/your room.


Self-care is a crucial part of your appearance and starts with your hair all the way down to your tootsies (this includes teeth hygiene, so keep your smile nice and fresh). Be meticulous about all the little details when creating the full package. If you’re a guy, you may ask yourself if you’re sporting a quality hair cut or if your boots are shined and mint. If you’re a lady, you may consider things such as your nails and outfit choices.


For guys, it’s best to spend a bit more and get fitted apparel that suits your shape. Keep this in mind: two great shirts are better than twenty sub-par duds.  The same goes for T-shirts, jackets/jumpers and jeans. When it comes to shoes, you need to be extra picky as your footwear can make or break an outfit. To play it safe, stick with earth tones and always match your shoes to your belt.


Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Jewellery, there are tons of simple, understated pieces that can really amp-up your look. For instance, a crisp belt or a nice watch (or what can pass as a nice watch) is important because is suggests style and status. Also, for guys, jewelry can look highly masculine when done right. You can go for cool rustic pieces made with leather or hemp for a cool laid-back look.


There’s nothing worse than a messy space. Part of impressing others is taking pride in your personal environment.  It also helps when the new person you’re dating doesn’t question whether your toilet has been cleaned since the GST was introduced. The rest is pretty self-explanatory– just respect to your friends and guests.


 People who are passionate about their work are far more desirable because they exude airs of confidence and pride. On the other hand, people who dislike their work are more likely to appear dull and uninteresting. Think about the man who strides into the office every day with a sharp blazer and a charming grin, or the woman whose zest for her career is matched by her hot stilettos– these are the people who light up the dating stage.  By becoming more career-oriented, you will create a more impressive vibe, building richer interactions with others.

For guys, this is an especially attractive quality. Women adore men who have direction in their life and know what they want or are already doing it. The world has yet to meet a quality woman who disagrees. So, make it a priority to manage your schedule for success.

 4.Your interests/passions/social life

 Your interests are a vital part of who you are. People are always more attracted to those who exhibit a firm sense of their identity. This is why you should consider the messages you send to  others. Do you display a positive taste for life and a self-assured presence, or are do you seem introverted and slap on any old duds before heading out?

Taste matters. Without passions, likes (or dislikes) and opinions, you will not possess substance. Otherwise, how can you expect anyone to be interested in you?

If you do not currently have strong interests or hobbies, you should learn to play piano, join a club, read a book, watch tutorials, anything!!Just do something!

Sorry, but if your main focuses are drinking beer, watching footy and going fishing, you are going to need some refinement, ok?

5.Health/Physical appearance

 This step is at the bottom because it’s quite personal and subjective. Also, your physical appearance is not your main priority for improving your dating game as your first focus should be making adjustments deep within yourself. However, caring about your health and physical appearance also conveys the impression that you love yourself and your body. For this reason, we can’t ignore the importance of these factors when attracting others. Ultimately, the main target here is to respect yourself by eating right and always try to look your best, doing what you realistically can to maximize your results.

Now you’re going to need to know how to meet people, right?

Stay tuned for our next article, which will address great places and tips for meeting great people..

Coming soon: We will be covering everything on this list in details with tips, guides and resources to help you become even more awesome!

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