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Being Active Makes You are More Desirable!

Active Singles enjoy more dating success

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Liya P
Active singles

It’s proven that exercise can have play an important role in your love life

Being active, in all aspects of life, has undeniable benefits for your wellbeing, happiness and attractiveness factor. As important as it is to be socially active and engaged at work/school, physical activity has some astounding benefits. If you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, even if it is moderate, you will soon find that your confidence has sky-rocketed, you are feeling happier than ever before and are, by far, more attractive (especially to other active singles).

– Your Body

One of the obvious benefits of exercise is how it is able to transform your body! You can enjoy eating your favorite calorie-filled treats and still look sizzling hot with a bit of exercise! Physical activity is not about getting toothpick thin or becoming a weightlifting champion – it is about taking care of yourself and striving to elicit your best features.

When you work out, even if it is only moderately, you gain a better appreciation of your body. After only a few weeks you will be able to feel your muscles tighten and you will find how much more durable you have become. This will inevitably increase your self-esteem as you will experience the pleasure of having obtained a goal. Besides, who doesn’t like seeing their body change for the better? When you start appreciating and liking your own body more, others will be immediately be drawn to you. After all – confidence is one of the most attractive features in both men and women!

– Happiness & Confidence

Everyone knows that working out improves your physical health and makes you look and feel hotter, but perhaps you were unaware of another huge benefit that exercising has. This may surprise you, but physical exercise has the amazing capability of making you happier!

Numerous studies, carried out around the world, have found that exercise can do wonders for your happiness! Physical movement, even if it is moderate or light, can help fight depression and anxiety, as well as act as a prevention technique for mental disorders! Most of us live in a stressed, competitive environment and it is easy to start feeling anxious or blue. Exercise helps prevent that and allows you to reach a healthier, happier place. Wouldn’t you want to date somebody like that?

– The Statistics Say It All!

If you are still not totally convinced, let’s take a look at some statistics! For instance, a recent study on women of various age groups, from young adults to elderly, examined the relationship between exercise and common disorders such as anxiety and depression. The study found that women, who had included frequent moderate exercise in their routine, were less likely to suffer any symptoms of depression or anxiety. What is more, the study found that the difference in happiness and general wellbeing between exercising women and non-exercising women was the staggering 50%! Can you imagine? Something as simple as running a few miles can have such a huge effect on your happiness!

By no means is working out only beneficial to women – men can also gain a lot by becoming more physically active. A recent study looked into the issue of physical exercise, or lack thereof, in the American male population. The study aimed at discovering whether there was any relationship between psychological functions and exercise, when it came to the gentlemen. The researchers found that men who exercised regularly were happier and less likely to become depressed even when faced with highly undesirable events. More specifically, the study discovered that men who engaged in moderate activity were at 28% reduced risk of anxiety and depression, while men who exercised mildly were at a 17% reduced risk. A man with a great body is certainly something wonderful, but a happy, anxiety-free man is even better!

– Why Does Exercise Make You Happier?

But why does that happen? What is the logic behind the way exercising influences happiness so distinctly? After all, few things are able to make you feel happier, healthier and more excited about life in the long-term. Could exercise be the best way to improve your life as a whole? Many researchers in the field of psychology believe so. As it turns out, physical activity lifts your spirits and makes you more attractive to other people because it improves the hormonal balance in your body. A large new study has examined the somewhat controversial topic of the ways in which hormonal balance or imbalance can influence psychological processes in men and women. The study has confirmed that both men and women prone to depression, anxiety and lowered self-esteem lack a sufficient amount of certain hormones in their bodies. These hormones are called endorphins – the famous “feel good hormones”.

In contrast, it has been found that people who engage in regular physical activity have much higher bodily endorphin levels than other people. Endorphins are also partially responsible for the “runner’s high”, as they cause ecstatic emotions, relieve tension and could even cause mild euphoria. So, when you are feeling stressed, or unhappy, one of the best ways to turn things around is by being physically active and allowing endorphins to make a difference in your life!

– So Why Should You Care?

Feeling undesirable can be extremely difficult and trying to figure out what to do in order to change your situation could turn into a real challenge. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel happy, anxiety-free, attractive and fun to be around? You probably can’t think of anyone, can you? Well, neither can we and that is why we have grown so excited with all the amazing benefits of physical activity! Not only does it transform your body, but it also helps fight negative moods and decreases the chances of suffering any mental disorders, such as depression.

Incorporating exercise into your routine may not be easy at first, but the benefits are way worth the effort! Working out is a wonderful way to change your own perception of yourself. Changing from within and reaching a better, happier place will inevitably make you more desirable than you ever thought possible!


Author: Liya P

University St. Kliment Ohridski
 Master's Degree, Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology

2013 – 2015
 University St. Kliment Ohridski
Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology

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