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Different Types Of Singles Events

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Singles Events
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Active Singles Events

Just like when you do something fun or active in day to day life activity- active singles event is practically the same but with single people. The benefit of such events are due to their low pressure environment, allowing people to be themselves. Some examples may be bushwalking or bike riding, tours,  quiz nights or any other form of activity that isn’t directly related to dating or singles events such as speed dating or other ‘pure dating mediums’.

Personal Introductions Agencies

These kinds of services are typically more tailored to an individuals needs, i.e. religious, demographic and other ‘personal data’. Each introductions agency will use their own match criteria to better your chances of finding a compatible partner. By using a more intimate process to find out about you on a personal level the match makers can refine each interaction and more carefully choose who they introduce you to. Heavily reducing failure and wasting time with the wrong matches so you get the most out of each dating experience and increase you chances of finding a long term partner. A lot of Introductions Agencies will also hold special Singles Events and other types of matching services- so it’s always good to ask them what else they offer.


This type of introductions agency use a similar process to the above (personal introductions agency) but typically invite multiple participants- usually three of each gender. These types of Singles Events are more popular with 30 plus age groups- these events are also a good social platform for people new in town to meet new friends. This type of service is also typically associated with professionals and the time poor educated.

Speed Dating

The name says it all and in true fashion speed dating is possibly one of the only ways to meet multiple people in the shortest amount of time. This method of Singles Event doesn’t suit everyone but is still very popular and you can find weekly speed dating events throughout Australia for most age groups.

Singles Parties

As the name states a singles party is essentially just like a normal party but targeted towards singles. Typically with a larger amount of people than the other versions of Singles Events these parties can have over 100 people. Because of the large amount of people some vendors will create interactive games to ensure singles interact with each other in a relatively low pressure alternative than cold approaching by giving people an ice breaker.

Singles travel

 A singles travel company will organise a group of people to take on a tour. Some of the major differences can be the number of people and how the tour will operate. Often a little more intimate and relaxed than conventional Singles Events, this can be a good way to meet new people and enjoy a fun holiday.

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