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How to Approach Girls Online without Looking like a Creep

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In the fast paced world of online dating, there is no room for mistakes; and looking like a creep is almost always a deal breaker, so release your inhibitions and try to say what you mean instead of what you think girls would want to hear.

Step 1. Always read the girl’s profile

There you are in you PJs at home browsing online profiles, when all of a sudden you see this very cute girl. You click away through her pictures and you simply cannot take your eyes off her.

Naturally, you realize that you simply have to talk to her and you click the message box and type in “Hi!”. Then, there’s this blank in your head because you have no idea what to say to her because you know absolutely nothing about her.

At this point, you have two choices; you can keep on writing some generic question like “How are you?” or you can actually go back and read the girl’s profile.

All the information you need is right there! You can find out who she is and what her hobbies and preferences are and then, you can definitely come up with something better than “How are you?”

She is bound to appreciate that you spent the time reading her profile and will be tempted to read more about you. A little bit might go a long way in this case.

Step 2. Take a hint…

So you found your girl, you did your homework and you wrote her a message that you’re proud of. This is the full extent of your first move. If she likes you, she will definitely write back, but if she doesn’t, then that’s it.

No matter how pretty she is, no matter how perfect she might seem because she loves the same movies and computer games that you do, do not write to her again under any circumstance! You can go from “sweet for trying” to “creep” in a second, so cut your losses and move on!

Also, try not to obsess over her and start checking her profile on a daily basis, because there are some sites out there that show her who’s been visiting her profile and you could get yourself in a very embarrassing situation.

Step 3. Keep the conversation playful and just the right amount of flirty

If she does write back, you’ve got it made! Well, almost. It definitely does mean that she’s interested and it’s up to you to show her that you are dating material.

Don’t be a chatterbox when talking to her, try to keep up with the pace that she sets. If she writes one message and you reply with seven, then you are clearly doing something wrong!

Be playful and subtlety flirty, and avoid being cheesy. Before pressing send, ask yourself if any of the guys from The Big Band Theory or Barney Stinson would say what you wrote to her and if the answer is yes, then delete, delete, delete! She doesn’t know you well enough to know that you might mean some things sarcastically.

Step 4. Get to know her before you ask her out

If you want her to say yes to date, then you have to make her curious to know you. Talk to her for a few days and make her get used to receiving messages from you. When she starts writing you first, that is the perfect time to ask her out for a coffee.

Again, you have to know to take hint at this point, but if she says yes, then you’re in for a romantic evening!


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