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Perfect body= perfect dating?

How health and fitness affect your dating life

Written by
Sylwia Koricka
health and fitness and dating

Taking on responsibility for your body’s fitness is extremely important not only for your own mental and physical health, but also it may play a significant role in your personal life. There is a number of reasons for it. You may not realize that, but it is not only the muscles you are building; you are boosting your immune system, improving your mood thanks to release of endorphins (“happiness hormones”) after exercising and you are building up your confidence (yes, it is you who looks so good in the mirror and it is you who has accomplished the set goals with nothing but self-discipline and hard work). You should be proud of yourself!

Yet, how does it help you in dating? Of course, confidence and self-fulfilment coming out of regular exercising are significant factors; who wouldn’t like to date a positive and self-assured individual? However, let’s talk physical attractiveness. After all, you lost all this excess fat, toned your body, never looked better in your life… how much does it really matter in dating?

The truth is attractiveness is a very complex issue. Still, in absence of any significant knowledge on the prospective date, physical appearance is what we all pay most attention to; physical appearance gives us clues on whether the person in question would make a good mate from evolutionary perspective. For instance, hour-glass body type in females signals fertility, while high chest-to-waist ratio in men signals dominance- crucial traits for our ancestors. How does it translate in minds of modern men and women?

Recent research in evolutionary psychology confirms the importance of body fitness and muscularity in perceived attractiveness for both sexes. Moderately muscular and lean men are seen as more desirable, potentially because of the subconscious perception of their strength and their ability to protect loved ones. If you are looking for a stable relationship, no worries; as research indicates, highly muscular men are thought of as being volatile, unable to commit and thus, only appropriate for a short term relationship. This is why women seem to be more accepting of different body types when searching for a long-term partner.

Similarly, for men bodily attractiveness is very important in the initial stages of a romantic relationship. There seem to be more balance between the importance of facial and body attractiveness in case men are considering committing to somebody for a longer period of time.

So what does it all mean? Naturally, maintaining your fitness comes with multifaceted benefits that are highly rewarding. Also, if you are looking for your one and only, it is your personality, chemistry and general compatibility with the person that decides on the success of your personal relationship. Yet, it is undeniable that with your positive attitude, unbounded energy and striking physique you are in the lead in the race for scoring the hottest dates!

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Author: Sylwia Koricka

Master of Science (M.S.), Neuroscience, economics, business | University of Utrecht 2012 - 2015 Masters in Neuroscience with minor in business fundamentals Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Social Sciences (Psychology, Criminology, Law) | University College Utrecht, Utrecht University 2007 - 2010 University of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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