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Useful Do’s and Don’ts for a Perfect Online Dating Profile

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When it comes to online dating, creating a dazzling online persona is absolutely crucial. No matter how great you are offline, you need to be amazing online to make a difference in the digital world. So, here are a few tips and tricks to make your perfect profil!

DON’T : Use overly Photoshopped pictures of yourself

Online dating gives you the opportunity to focus on your strong suites and delicately conceal your flaws. But while embellishing a bit here and there is entirely acceptable, you should never hide behind convenient lies, because the truth has a nasty habit of coming out when you least expect it.

The best possible example for these “convenient lies” we get wrapped up in is using overly edited pictures of ourselves on the dating profile. This is a bad idea because it might make you appeal to the wrong crowd and even if all goes well and you get to go on a date with you cyber crush, he/she might be disappointed that you are not who you promised to be.

DO: Use your best (recent) pictures

If you’re building your online dating profile and you realize that you’re out of good pictures of yourself, don’t panic! As tempting as it might be, don’t open that folder from five years ago when you were 10 pounds slimmer. That’s almost like Catfishing and you know it!

Instead, you can try taking some brand new photos. You can even make a night out of it! Call some friends over and put on your favorite dress. Get your hair done, put on makeup and snap away until you get that perfect profile picture!

DON’T: Use steamy pictures of yourself (unless you’re looking to hookup)

People who use pictures of themselves in their bathing suits or lingerie for their online dating profiles send out a very clear message. They need to be aware of that, so that they know what to expect.

If what you’re looking to get from online dating is a hot fling, then this might be one way of doing it, but bear in mind that some things should be left to the imagination.

DO: Use pictures that you are comfortable with

If some of your most flattering pictures make you cringe, that is a sign that you should probably not upload them to your online dating profile. Being comfortable with the pictures you put up is a minimum requirement.

Make a selection of the best pictures of yourself and choose those that you really like and that express your personality.

DON’T: Be vague or overly professional

Writing that perfect online dating profile is hard work, so you need to wait until you actually feel inspired to complete it. You don’t want one of those profile that has pictures and almost no written information, because there are people out there who are struggling to get to know you.

Focus on your hobbies and interests, rather than your professional background. While your job is definitely something you should mention, try to make it more about yourself, your wishes and desires, rather than your career.

DO: Be sincere and have fun with it

Building an online dating profile might prove to be even more complicated than writing you resume. Don’t over think the information you put into it because it’s going to end up sounding weird.

Instead, try to write your profile when you’re in a good mood, so that you can transmit that through your words. Make it easy to read, rather than overly complicated, and have fun with it!

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