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Why you Should Never Settle for Unfulfilling Relationships

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Growing up with romantic comedies and soap operas sets a high standard for relationships these days and most people end up feeling that their own experiences are somehow unfulfilling. But there’s another side to that story that you really need to be aware of.

Are you happy in your relationship?

The one thing that romantic movies do get right is the fact you should feel happy with your significant other. You need to be honest and ask yourself if what you’re getting from your relationship is truly worth the effort you put in every day.

Sometimes things just don’t work out and being brave enough to call it quits at the right time will save you a whole lot of grief.

Is your Relationship Beyond Salvation?

Fighting for your relationship is absolutely necessary, but what you need to figure out is if you have already tried to save it one too many times already.

Even if both partners give it their best shot, some relationships just don’t feel right and finding the cause might be an intricate matter. It could come down to something as uncontrollable as timing, so don’t ever expect to find one single guilty party.

As sad as it might be to realize that your relationship is beyond salvation, it has the potential of making you figure out what you need to do next.

What are you missing?

As difficult as it might seem, you need to remember how you were like before you got into this relationship. Looking at some old pictures might jolt your memory and help you understand what made you happy and what you used to think was fun.

You can even take a trip with your friends, to revisit some of those things. Give yourself time. Finally, you need to think whether or not these were those things that you’ve been missing and if your partner was what has been holding you back from doing them all this time.

Do You Fear Loneliness?

You shouldn’t settle for an unfulfilling relationship just because you’re afraid of being alone. Realizing that this is the main reason why you are still in a relationship should be a wake-up call. You need to work out the courage to put an end to your misery and that of your partner.

Sadly, this is actually the main reason why people choose to stay together even when they know that things are not working out as they should be.

Being single doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. I know, I know, breaking up after several years of ‘couple life’ can be gut wrenching, but so is being unhappy in your relationship. The good news is that the sadness goes away after a while and it will give you so much room to grow.

Finding another partner after losing a long time sweetheart seems almost impossible, but it actually isn’t. Your next relationship is just around the corner and it will sweep you off your feet when you least expect it.

Even if it takes a while to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, don’t lose hope, settle or give into peer pressure. There is someone out there for you. If you’re reluctant to jump back to normal dating you can also experiment with online dating for a while. Good luck!


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