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Work and career in dating

Being attractive and datable may not seem directly related to your work and career, but in fact studies show that there is a significant correlation between the two. We are not talking about the gold digger complex where what you do for a living makes you appealing to others because of the money you make. While money is certainly an important aspect of life, your work or better yet – your career, can be significant on a much deeper level. It can have a profound effect on your personality, happiness and attractiveness. We are here to help you recognize all the great ways in which what you do professionally can influence your personal life in a positive, inspiring way. You will certainly change your outlook on work after reading this!

– Does it matter what you do?

What do you think – does it matter what you do for a living? The short answer is no. Whether you are engaged in strenuous manual labor at lower wages or a high-pressure intellectual job with very high income, has little to no impact on your happiness or attractiveness levels. Even though people tend to think that higher level, prestigious positions bring happiness and general wellbeing, that is not necessarily so. As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter what you do for a living, as long as you enjoy it and feel satisfied with your work. A study, carried out in the Warsaw Institute of Psychology, has examined the relationship between professional life and personal happiness. Their results show a few factors that determine your overall work satisfaction – the results you are able to achieve, physical conditions of your workplace, assessment and professional relationships, receiving challenging and engaging tasks. The study has confirmed that people who find all of the above factors satisfactory are happier at work, despite of their specific employment situation. So, you can be a janitor or a large company CEO – as long as you feel interested and engaged in your work you will feel happy. And, of course, happiness makes you more attractive to others! Picture dating someone who enjoys his or her work and is delighted to be engaged in it. Inspiring, isn’t it? Now imagine being with someone who constantly complains of how stressful and horrible their job is. Definitely not as fun to be around.

– How your career satisfaction can influence your partner

While loving what you do professionally is something that most strive towards, you may not know that your work happiness can literally spill over to your partner, immediately making you more desirable! A study of 50 dual-earner couples has examined the relationship between career satisfaction and happiness levels within the romantic couple. The subjects filled a booklet on a daily basis, which led the researchers to a very intriguing conclusion. As it turns out, employees who were happy and engaged with their daily professional tasks were also happier at home. When one partner felt happy, this literally spilled over to the other partner, increasing his or her happiness levels as well. The researchers found that those couples, in which both partners were satisfied with their careers, had the most fulfilling relationships!

– Your career satisfaction makes you more desirable!

Experiencing work/career satisfaction can have a great impact on your confidence and self-esteem. People who feel that their job matters are more motivated to achieve better results and thus feel prouder when they reach higher goals. This goal-oriented behavior inevitably influences your confidence in a very positive way. Consequently, you become more attractive, as you exude confidence, thus reassuring any potential partner of your desirability. But remember – confident does not mean cocky. A down-to-earth approach to life, paired with believing in yourself, can really make a difference for the better in your love life!

A study published in the “Journal of Marriage and Family” examined the relationship between personal values and romantic life. The study was conducted over an impressive 50 year period and included participants of various age groups. One of the conclusions they reached was in regard to the career– attractiveness ratio. The researchers found a tendency – people are increasingly prone to choosing partners that are more motivated to establish a career and are satisfied with their work on a daily basis. Those individuals tend to exhibit higher self-esteem levels, which has apparently become an increasingly attractive feature in the last 50 years.

– The other side of the coin

Although work/career satisfaction and engagement can certainly contribute to your general happiness, attractiveness and relationship fulfillment, caution should be applied. Prioritizing professional obligations over personal ones can sabotage your relationship and make you unavailable to potential romantic partners. A 7 year follow-up study of MBA students has found that those who gave priority to family and personal goals, as opposed to work goals, reached a much higher levels of general well-being. This may seem contradictory to what we talked about above, but in fact it indicatesa need for balance. While it is crucial to choose a job that makes you feel happy and challenges you in positive ways, it is also extremely important to remember that no amount of work or money can be a substitute for personal relationships. By overworking you may be sacrificing time with your loved ones or decreasing your chances of meeting a suitable partner.

– Being happy actually makes you better at your job!

To end on a happy note, we’d like to talk about one last benefit of finding balance between your work and personal life. As you already know, career satisfaction could help you achieve a more fulfilling romantic relationship, as well as increase your attractiveness levels. Various studies indicate that people who feel an overall sense of well-being are able to better concentrate on their work obligations and achieve bigger goals. A general state of life satisfaction will also make you more upbeat and pleasant to be around, which means establishing more positive relationships with your coworkers.

Finding a career that is right for your can increase your personal happiness, while personal happiness makes you more satisfied and better at your job! Achieving this virtuous circle may require some changes in your life, but the results would certainly be worth the efforts!

Author: Liya P

University St. Kliment Ohridski
 Master's Degree, Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology

2013 – 2015
 University St. Kliment Ohridski
Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology

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