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Below I’ve added some helpful links and resources to finding music events in and around Melbourne. This is my personal list so the below info isn’t SEO fluff but more so actual facts and relevant resources that I personally use to find live music.

Melbourne is absolutely jam packed with live music everyday of the week. In fact, I sometimes find it overwhelming which venue I should choose. To get started Simply Google: “Beat’s gig guide Melbourne” this is pretty much your initial go to live music resource. Beats gig guide features lots of live music venues including bands, DJ’s, acoustic and open mic nights.

The beauty about Melbourne’s Live Music scene is even if there’s nothing small and casual available on a particular night, hope is not over. Melbourne is the epicentre for events and “stuff” to do. Besides small gigs which can be found on the above mentioned Beat gig guide you’re sure to find a main event.

These main events can be found in a number of ways. One simple way is to search Eventbrite for Melbourne Music Events. Recently I’ve noticed a massive surge in Eventbrite events so definitely keep this high on your music go to resources!

Below I’ve added 3 more super useful guides for live muisc and shows, including other interesting things to do in Melbourne. Addiontally I’ve inluded some groups which may be of some use if you’re new in town and don’t know anyone join you on your musical endevours.

1. Whatson Melbourne has a tone of big shows on offer so be sure to book mark this link I’ve provided.

2. Click Only Melbourne Gig Guide this will take you to a page with Venues and Tickets links, click the tickets link for each vender to search for relevant music events. This is where you will find concerts and larger scale shows.

3. And lastly for the kids who want to get loose and loud Simply click Resident Advisor Melbourne Gig Guide” for all your dancing and electronic music needs

As for Meetup and facebook here are two new groups that are specifically designed to meet people and enjoy music. Music Event and Music Event TeamUps. If these groups don’t take your fancy there’s hundreds more so you’re bound to find at least one group.

We could spend all day talking about how to find music events in Melbourne! This list is short but this will get you guaranteed results, fast. If you have any recommendations please contact me with these.

Also for any questions or feedback let’s chat. Please feel free to send me a message on my website which is linked below this article. happy gig’ing…

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