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Meeting People Through Music

Live music and new friends

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Meeting New People Through Music

Over the last two years things have changed considerably and singles events and dating are no exception. It appears tinder and and similar apps have cleared out a lot of great music venues.  Now in 2018, sadly a lot of people don’t feel the need to go out and socialize at live music venues- at least as much as we did 7 or so years ago.

Not to say people don’t go out anymore, as there’s still many full venues across Australia but there’s definitely a noticeable difference. The number of people that decide to leave the house in search of something fun and exciting has shrunk. Seems as though many would rather stay at home rather than quench the boredom of the 9-5 grind by experiencing live music.

I think one of the most underrated ways to meet people in 2018 is through common interests. Such as Music Groups on Facebook and MeetUp.

Music is such a powerful way to make new friendships and strengthen existing friendships. Common interests such as music is one of the greatest ice breakers and takes the pressure of social situations.

MeetUp  and facebook groups for example, Music Event, are a fantastic way to meet people in a fun and low pressure environment. MeetUp and Facebook groups are cost affective and there’s many benefits. Such as increasing yours social skills, meeting people face to face, networking, just to name a few.

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