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Dinner for Two is a Personal Introductions Agency that arranges the perfect single parties and dinner dates in Melbourne. The company was set up way back in 1966 with the basic idea of helping youngsters find a suitable match which can transform into a long term relationship. People’s lives are getting hectic by the day and matchmaking is becoming more and more complex. People are turning to the internet to find the right match. Dinner for two offers its members quality matchmaking services and provides great benefits to them by finding suitable partners.

Additionally, Dinner for Two organizes events like single dinner parties in single dinner clubs. However, it also aims at being a recruiting firm for executives. It focuses on the idea that a personal recruiting agency can embrace executive recruitment.

After 15 years of professional experience of executive style search methods is clubbed with 22 years of dinner clubs experience in Melbourne, Dinner for Two was established.

Dinner for Two is a remarkable dinner date club for those who are interested in finding their special ones. Singles find their match by attending dinner club for singles, dinner dates, etc.

Finding love isn’t easy, but with apt professionalism and enthusiasm we make this difficult task an effortless one.

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