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In mid-2006 just a few people … … met one Wednesday night for a pizza. We decided that, being mid-week, Wednesdays are a great night to just ‘get out and socialise’ and, as Wednesdays seemed to be so convenient for most people, we agreed that we’d meet every week.

is literally NOT a ‘CLUB‘ so has no ‘members’ – in fact NotaClub does not actively seek new ‘members’ (i.e. we don’t try and ‘talk people in to join’ NotaClub, just for the sake of it).

This because, the reality is, people who ‘join’ NotaClub who have no intention of forming an ACTIVE relationship with the NotaClub Social Community add no long-term value and can only diminish the efforts of those people who are putting in. (There are loads of other social groups who do welcome people for an ad-hoc membership).


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