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Propelled by the customary neighborhood clubs of the 1950's, for example, the notorious Buena Vista Social Club, Woo! is a Sydney-based, individuals just, social club. You'll locate no online profiles of our individuals here. We don't require a selfie and 1,000 words on your Labradoodle's most loved book, in light of the fact that we believe you're better, all things considered. 

We set-up fun occasions like a night out at the roller derby, gigs, film, and going out for supper and stuff (we've all gotta eat right?). Heading off to a Woo! occasion is much the same as a night out with your friends, no cumbersome 5 moment up close and personal meetings a lá speed dating, or irregular group exercises. 

Venue choice is super vital to us. We've scoured a butt-ton of inward Sydney bars, eateries, speakeasies, lager houses and so forth, just to ensure our occasions are held at spots you've been biting the dust to go to. That is a truckload of firm pork paunch and tequila mixed drinks, yet somebody must do it! 

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